Pa Patrol – a celebratory song for Father’s Day and every day

With just three days to go until the day of the dad, the internet is packed with Father’s Day gift guides, Father’s Day think pieces and Father’s Day ‘how to craft a last-minute card out of a cereal box in case of emergency at 8am on Sunday morning’ articles. I, however, have decided to do something different.

That’s right, everyone. Instead of taking the sensible route, I have chosen to create an upbeat musical homage to my fellow dads. It’s called Pa Patrol, it’s sung to the tune of the Paw Patrol theme song and here are the four reasons why I took this path.

1. My son is obsessed with Paw Patrol (and thus so am I)

R.I.P Fireman Sam. For many months, the bubster and I gazed in wonder at your everyday heroics and Norman Price’s naughtiness. Then, just like that, the little man decided that he’d had his fill of Pontypandy and wanted a new morning treat. It was a difficult time until… … Ryder and his Paw Patrol came to the ruff, ruff, rescue.

The pups, the outfits, the lookout, Captain Turbot’s love of alliteration, the fact the Mayor carries a chicken in her handbag, my son hearts it all, but I’m most taken by the music. Barely a day goes by without me getting caught crooning “I do the Pup Pup Boogie” in public, and then there’s the incredibly catchy theme tune.

I didn’t intend to use a popular cartoon’s theme song as the basis of my celebratory Father’s Day tune, but after unsuccessful experimenting with tracks by Jessie J, Boney M and Boyzone (yes, really), I realised that if I dropped the ‘w’ from Paw Patrol, it would create Pa Patrol. And the rest, as they say, is musical history.

2. The world doesn’t need another Father’s Day gift guide

If you want my opinion on what you should get your dad or partner for Father’s Day, take him on a nice day out where he can spend time with you and the kid(s) without overly stressing about anything.

If you want a physical product recommendation, just about every newspaper and website has done a list of great presents for dads. You could study one of those or, if you want tips direct from the extremely knowledgeable horse’s mouth, check out the following dad bloggers’ Father’s Day gift guides…

3. My craft skills aren’t a patch on Dad Craft’s

In my view, the best Father’s Day cards are homemade, and the genius that is Dad Craft is not kidding when he describes his latest project as The Most Incredible Father’s Day card. It’s amazing, and, better still, he provides a step-by-step guide to putting it all together. I bow in wonder at his creativity.

4. I want to scrap Father’s Day

Stop booing and hear me out. First, I believe mums and dads should be made to feel special on every single day of the year rather than just one.

Second, if we do have to have a set day, why can’t it celebrate both parents at the same time? Think about it. We don’t have Boyfriend’s Day and Girlfriend’s Day; we have Valentine’s Day. And we don’t have Husband’s Day and Wife’s Day; we have wedding anniversaries. So why should parents be any different? The answer is they shouldn’t, which is why I’m all about scrapping Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in favour of introducing a new all-singing, all-dancing Parents’ Day.

Given this viewpoint, I wanted to create a fresh and original piece of Father’s Day content that could be used to celebrate dads both during their allotted 24 hours and long after it. And since my wife vetoed my full body tattoo poem idea, I went with this funky and addictive song.

Got all that? Great, then all that remains to be said is: ladies and gentlemen, please stand up, clear your throats, open your mouths and sing Pa Patrol with joyous gusto.

And then? Simple. Sing it again and again and again and again and again and…

Happy (hopefully last ever) Father’s Day everyone.





  1. Haha – great song, better than the original. Thanks for getting that in my head now…

    • Ha, no problem. At least it might help you to remember to check whether your fly is done up in the morning :-).

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