If babies could text Vol VIII: what’s that?


Stop press! There’s a new favourite game in this house. That’s right, everyone. You can forget my son’s love affairs with “Bee Bee, Get The Bee”, sniffing bums and clapping above his head while shouting “Ruth”, because “What’s that?” has arrived. 

This ‘fun’ activity, which appears to have been designed to drive long-suffering parents demented, sees Player A (aka The Bubster) point at approximately 157,694,003 random items per day, while asking the question: “What’s that?” Whenever this query is posed, Player B (aka Mummy or Daddy) has around a tenth of a millisecond to formulate an adequate response before the question is repeated again. And again. And again. And again.

It’s intense. It’s exhausting. It makes it pretty much impossible to travel any kind of distance on foot in less than 24 hours. BUT, on the plus side, it shows how speedily my son is developing, AND it has given me yet more material for my side-splittingly hilarious ‘if babies could text’ series.

Talking of which. I think it’s time for another GIF. What’s that? It’s an image file that supports both animated and static images. What’s that? It’s like a mix between a picture and an animation. What’s that? It’s, it’s… oh, stuff it. Just look at the thing and enjoy.

What’s that?


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