Parent accepts child is to blame for incident at soft play


Workers at a popular soft play establishment are being offered specialist help after they were not forced to step in and resolve a disagreement between two parents.

Onlookers were expecting to see a classic Saturday morning barney when city worker Simon McLaren suggested to the father of a seven-year-old that his son performing a variety of strangling techniques on a three-year-old might not be on. But instead of reacting in a confrontational manner, the dad simply apologised, took his boy out of the area and gave him a stern talking to.

A shocking situation

“It was shocking,” said eyewitness Martina Stanton. “The guy nodded, said ‘Sorry’ and then disciplined his child sensibly and efficiently. I’ve got four kids and, in all my years of going to soft play, I’ve never seen anything like it at a soft play. He was wearing clean socks and everything.”

“It was a very abnormal reaction,” confirmed facility manager Marjorie Jenkins. “Passions always run high in the padded areas, and when someone calls out a child for being a little shit it usually descends into an unseemly melee. So to see a guy just admit his kids errors and walk away has really shaken my employees up.”

The aftermath

Jenkins went on to reveal that every staff member who was unfortunate enough to witness the incident has been offered counselling and that any parents who remain disturbed by what they saw are eligible for a free hot dog, beans and chips on their next visit.

“We’re doing everything we can to get the place back to normal,” she stated. “After a major incident like this, it is going to take time, but I am sure we’ll get there in the end.”



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