Parenting satire: celebrity mother under fire for not showing off toned stomach within eight weeks of giving birth


A celebrity mum has been accused of lifting the pressure on normal mothers, after she failed to Instagram an image of her tight and toned stomach within two months of giving birth.

“It’s disgraceful,” blasted an apoplectic A-lister. “What kind of message does this send to the scores of regular parents who rely on pictures of our enviable abs to make them feel extra down about their mum tums and stretch marks?”

Prior to becoming a mother, the actress, model, TV presenter, charity campaigner, boutique owner, reality TV star, brand spokesperson and businesswoman shared daily selfies of her supermodel shape. But since the birth of her daughter, she has kept her gym-honed midriff, endless legs and ample cleavage under wraps.

It has led Hollywood’s elite to speculate that something might have gone drastically wrong with her parenting plan. “Maybe she’s actually having to spend time with the baby?” suggested one shocked pal, while another shrieked. “I’ve heard she’s only employing one night nanny.”

The star’s response

The world famous new mummy was unavailable for comment, but her spokesperson issued a firm rebuttal when contacted about the claims.

“There is no substance to these allegations,” said M. Mendez of Size Zero Inc. “My client has a live-in chef, numerous personal trainers and more nannies than the Royal Family. She’s spending little or no time doing all the crap normal mums have to do and intends to be pictured posing on the back of a yacht within the next couple of days.”



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