Summer holiday! Celebrate!


Public service announcement. is going on a summer holiday and there’ll be no more posts for a week or two. Actually, forget the last two words of the previous sentence. It costs about the same as a three-bedroom semi in Monaco to whisk your family away for a fortnight in peak season, so we are only jetting off for seven nights.

Still, a summer holiday is a summer holiday, and this one is so needed it’s incredible. So where are we going and what are we doing? Well, we’re off to Tenerife. In our hearts, we’re envisioning seven days of relaxing by the pool, sipping on cocktails and dining under the stars while bubby snoozes contentedly. In our heads, we foresee food issues (this is the first holiday where we’re not taking bubby’s grub with us), sleepless nights and poos in the swimming pool. But whatever happens, you can be sure of four things.

  1. We will make bubby pose for approximately 1,749 adorable pictures every day.
  2. Like everyone else on half board, we will be stuffing our pockets with goodies from the breakfast buffet to have for lunch.
  3. I’ll tell you all about the bad, and possibly some of the good, when I return.
  4. I’ll still be posting pics on Instagram and witty asides on Twitter. Hint: follow me now. Hint hint.

See you in a week.

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