Say hello to the best baby food product in the history of parenting ever


I don’t generally write reviews. And I barely ever post anything about products. But when your wife turns to you and says, “This thing has changed my life. It is genuinely the best item we’ve bought since bubby was born,” you sit up, puff out your chest and prepare to humbly take credit for the remote controlled humanoid nappy butler you spent all the family allowance and the best part of six months wages on*.

But was my wife talking about a robot nappy dispenser? Was she heck. And nor was she waxing lyrical about a working version of any of the five game-altering prototypes I came up with earlier this year. What she was actually talking about was the silver and blue product pictured above. A £9.99 insulated food jar that keeps cold baby food cool for up to seven hours and warm baby food hot for up to five hours.

The details

Bo-ring! I know how you feel. Initially, I was disappointed too. But then my wife reminded me about all the times this little container of joy has saved the day at restaurants with rubbish kiddie menus (deep fried battered chicken pieces or deep fried battered fish pieces – why chef, you are really spoiling us). And after that? Well, then she took my mind back to all the times we’ve used it feed bubby in the car. And then, finally, she hit me with the spoon. And by this I mean, she popped open the lid to reveal a secret compartment that houses an extendable plastic eating device. Talk about mind-blowing.

Okay, okay, so that’s as whopping an exaggeration as you are ever likely to read. A kiddie thermos that comes with a built-in spoon is not and never will be mind-blowing. But it is extremely practical, it does do what it says it going to do (i.e. keep food hot or cold) and it has stopped our precious little Mount Bubster from erupting on a number of occasions. Thus I am going to jump on my wife’s bandwagon and declare this 380ml jar the best and most useful baby food product in the history of parenting ever. Well, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there. Go, go go and buy it.

*Disappointingly, remote controlled humanoid nappy butlers do not actually exist. No, not even in Japan.

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