Baby speech: my 17-month-old son’s word cloud


This morning, I decided to make a word cloud of my 17-month-old son’s baby speech. It was prompted by my dad asking how many words he knew, and it was pretty frustrating to make (it turns out that most free internet word cloud makers don’t like “oh-oh”, “choo-choo”, “pee-pee” and “big truck”).  But now the frustration is over, the art has been assembled and I’m ready to share his baby speech with the world. Well go on, then. Study it.

Done that? Good, then you are probably confused the inclusion of non-words like bampa. I can explain this. Bampa makes the cloud, because that’s how much son says when he means Grampa (aw, how cute). And as for the other stuff you are scratching your heads about? Hopefully these explanations will help.

19 important points to note

  1. Amy is the name of the manager at the nursery my son goes to. There’s no doubt that she’s lovely, but her popularity it down to her having a short, easy to say name. So maybe remember that if you’re about to name someone who you hope will grow up to work with children.
  2. Nano is my mother-in-law. She prefers it to nana, which also happens to make the list because in baby speech it is short for banana.
  3. Fly tends to come out of his mouth in the context of a “birdie”.
  4. GreenD is his toy dinosaur.
  5. Dino is his comforter.
  6. Mamoo is his uncle.
  7. Neenaw is what he says when he sees a fire engine, police car or ambulance.
  8. Seven and eight are missed out deliberately because for some reason he always misses them out when he counts to ten.
  9. If he had his way, his diet would solely consist of toast, butter and cheese.
  10. Talking of cheese, he had mastered a similar word “keys”, but is so far refusing to say another similar word “please”.
  11. Peepee is not urine. It’s his penis, which he touches relentlessly attempts to touch any time we take his nappy off.
  12. Popo is his code for porridge.
  13. Costco and Asda aren’t misprints; they are simply where we shop.
  14. He is very good at pointing out bits of people’s anatomy.
  15. Siba is his babysitter.
  16. When he says close he means the opposite of open, rather than the proximity of an object.
  17. When he says oh-oh what he really means is, “Oh look, I’ve just thrown one of your precious items down the stairs.”
  18. There are 95 words in this cloud, and I forgot to put in stuff like “tummy”, so the answer to my dad’s original question is that my son knows about 100 words, which far and exceeds my original guess of 12.
  19. Like most kids, mummy is his favourite word.


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