Dear Father Hood: how was your Tuesday morning?


Don’t worry, this isn’t becoming a daily thing. But in the interests of full disclosure, I felt it only right to tell you that this morning I……slept in until 7.45am, had a nice shave, sang in the shower (nursery rhyme megamix, they’re the only songs I know anymore), took some time to select my clothes, brushed my teeth, conversed with my wife, packed my work bag, checked social media and then wandered down to the station whistling. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should move closer to the grandparents and ask them to babysit occasionally.

Just one more thing…

P.S. Despite all this glorious relaxation, I got on the train, closed my eyes and thought ‘The Land Before Kids is alright, but I can’t wait to see the bubster and, despite the stresses, strains and stinks, I would take my new life over my old one any day of the week.’


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