The parenting site for the rest of us…



Mistakes. Advice. Tantrums. True stories. Nursery rhymes. Whether you’re a tired new parent or a perplexed soon-to-be mum or dad, is here to help (or at least make you laugh).

This exciting new blog is put together by award-winning writer and dad-of-one, Stuart Hood. It’s based around the mistakes he’s made as a parent, the questions he’s Googled since becoming a father, the things he’s doing to try and bond with his son, and the songs he’s made up while trying to rock his baby to sleep, and is designed to help put a smile back on your face whenever you’re feeling low, knackered or clueless.

If you want to get in touch with Stuart, email or send him a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2 comments on “The parenting site for the rest of us…

  1. […] Don’t overtly focus on routine. If he or she sleeps at 3pm and is wide awake at 11pm, so what? You’re on holiday. Make hay while the sun shines and grin and bear it when it doesn’t. […]


  2. […] Is it worth a second date? Given the above, the logical answer is no. But what man thinks logically when it comes to the pub? Not this one. So, yes, baby and I will be back. And next time we’ll bring more wipes. […]


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