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Looks like it’s go time. After an anything but immaculate conception, months of pain and the odd false alarm, is full term, in the delivery room and ready for action.

It is exciting, but also frightening. Can I cope if something goes wrong? What if my little bundle of joy ends up being much bigger than people said it would be? What if I can’t handle the strain of a natural birth and need to resort to drugs?

These are all important questions, but right now the most pertinent query of all regards what is and why you should like it, follow it and tell your friends its the best thing since gas and air. So here goes. is me, Stuart Hood. I’m an award-winning writer who recently became a father, and this blog is an outpouring of my sleep-deprived brain featuring: the mistakes I’ve made as a parent; the questions I’ve asked since becoming a father; the things I’m doing to try and make dad friends; and the nursery rhymes I’ve made up while trying to rock our son to sleep.

Will it get through the difficult first few months and blossom into something I’m really proud of? Who knows? For now, I’m just delighted that the pushing is over, the cord has been cut and I am able to show the world my brand new baby blog. Born just before 12pm on Friday 9 December, 2016 and weighing exactly 0lbs.

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