Once upon a time a rookie daddy… only bought a 16GB iPhone



What do I want? A picture or video of my baby doing something cute or funny or new. When do I want it? Now. Only I can’t get it now, because my stupid 16GB iPhone 6 is full. Again. Still, I am sure our son will maintain that expression/be able to hang onto that cupboard for the length of time it takes me to go through my back catalogue, select the ones I don’t want, delete them, delete them from the recently deleted folder, get back into camera mode, re-find my position and snap. Yeah, right. As usual the moment has passed and all I’ve got to show for it is a blurred portrait of his snotty nostrils.

So what is the solution? At this point, a tech-savvy and organised daddy would wax lyrical about file management, storage Clouds and back-up hard drives. A cash-rich father would list the benefits of buying out your existing phone contract and ordering a new handset. And a curmudgeonly old man would tell you to stop taking so many bloody videos. But since I don’t belong to any of these clans, I’m simply going to show you what I did and what I should have done.


“Hello, I’m due a free upgrade, what are my options?…

…Ooh, iPhone 6 with 128GB sounds great…

…What do you mean I have to pay for it?…

…Are any iPhone 6s free?…

…Great, I’ll take the 16GB. Sign me up for 24 months.”


“Hello, my wife and I are planning on having a kid soon. If we succeed we’ll be taking more photos than a fast-fingered paparazzi, so I need the best deal you can give me on the phone with the biggest memory…

…Can you go any cheaper?…

…Are you sure?…

…Really sure?…

…Fine. Empty my account and sign me up for 24 months.”

3 comments on “Once upon a time a rookie daddy… only bought a 16GB iPhone

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