Dear Father Hood: what’s the best way to cut baby’s nails?


Get him or her in a headlock, grab their hand and go, go, go. I’m joking, obviously. The answer to this question comes in two parts. First: the implement. And second: the technique.

Implement-wise, a lot of midwives recommend your teeth and a lot of parents think this is disgusting. I’m not one of them, but I couldn’t come to terms with eating my baby, so began to look at other options. Baby nail clippers were purchased but, due to difficulty of use, quickly discarded in favour of Tommy Tippee nail scissors. A teeny tiny set of blades that my dumpy digits can’t master, but my wife uses with aplomb.

Now, let’s talk technique. Make faces. Relax him in the bath. Distract him with the telly.  We tried all sorts before stumbling upon two methods that do the business for us. The first involves tackling our son’s talons while he’s chowing down on a bottle of milk. And the second sees us clip his claws when he’s snoozing away in the land of Nod. And if neither of these work for you? You have two options. Keep trying until you find a way that works for you, or give up and let those bad boys grow. Like your face? Then I’d suggest doing the former.


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