Once upon a time a rookie daddy… forgot to strap baby into the pram


‘Always remember to strap him in,’ implored the sales assistant in John Lewis. ‘Yes, yes,’ I replied. And, in fairness, I had intended to heed her advice until… our son hated his car seat. And I mean hated. Not mild disgust. Or slight annoyance. Ear-splitting, fist-banging hate. And since his car seat was also acting as his pram this meant double trouble.

In the car, I was always vigilant. In the pram, not so much. After all, he was too young to sit up, so what was the worst that could happen? Step forward the JFK Museum in Dallas. An impressive establishment with a slight bump by the back door. Add this to a hefty baby bag hanging off the pram handle and… boom, boom, ker-splat.

The pram overbalanced, and our three-month old baby somersaulted out of his seat and onto the floor. It was horrifying, and he looked so tiny lying on the carpet. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt, so we quickly scooped him up, hugged him close and kissed him better, but it wasn’t fast enough to a) prevent tears, b) stop people staring at us and c) avert several people jumping us in the queue.

Moral of this story? The JFK Museum is so good it’s worth bundling past a stricken baby to get in quicker. Only joking. It’s always remember to strap him in.

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